We aim to increase personal security by making people accountable for their actions. We will do this by remaining at the forefront of visual, mobile and communication technology

Our Vision

geavi is the first in what we intend to be a range of products that will improve a person’s level of personal security using only technology.

We are the first platform that records video on the service level of the smartphone, which is the same level that your Wi-Fi operates. It means that after you start a recording, if you exit the app it will keep recording in the background. It creates un-deletable evidence by synchronizing your videos with the cloud and implementing an encrypted timer that ensures your video can’t be deleted from the server for 10 days… not even by you.

We believe that with enough awareness, someone knowing they’re being recorded with geavi will deter them from acting out whatever unconscionable action they’re thinking of performing.

Team Members

We are a small team and we spend most of our time developing features and raising awareness for our product. We think technology is pretty cool, and we combine that with our vision of creating a better future that we can all share.