Read through our most frequently asked questions. If your question(s) are unanswered then shoot us an email.

Is geavi streaming video to the server?

No, but soon. When we tested video streaming we found that a lot of information was lost because of poor network coverage. We’re excited to add this service, but it was important to us that people wouldn’t lose video data because of poor network coverage. For now, the video immediately starts uploading when you complete a recording and doesn’t stop trying to upload until its completed.

Is there anything that will stop geavi from recording?

Turning your phone off without completing a recording and/or your battery dying cause whatever video you are currently recording to be lost. Otherwise we haven’t found anything that will stop geavi from recording.

What apps can I use while geavi is recording?

All of them! You can make phone calls and send texts. You can use Facebook, Twitter, watch videos on YouTube and use every app on your phone. You can view your Snapchat and Instagram photos, however, you can’t take new photos because geavi is using the camera.

What if I forget to stop a recording and it keeps recording for a long time?

For now, please just remember to stop your recordings. If you do forget to stop a recording, immediately change your settings to Wi-Fi only and upload your video to the server via Wi-Fi. We are currently working on giving users the option to set a timer, but we felt that because people don’t know when they might get into trouble that it’s more important for now to keep video recording open ended.

What should I do if I am in a threatening or scary situation?

Call the Police. The strength of our product is that you are creating undeletable evidence. We hope geavi deters people from committing indecent acts but we don’t guarantee it. You should have geavi running already, but your best option will always be to contact law enforcement. We advise people to turn on geavi long before something bad might happen i.e. before you start walking home from the train station, that way if you feel unsafe you don’t have to choose between turning on geavi or making a phone call. Call the Police as soon as you feel unsafe, you can call from within the app or from your normal phone app.

If I run out of space on my data plan can I still create videos?

Absolutely! The videos will be stored on your device until you have enough space to upload it to the server. You can also increase your plan in ‘settings’ if you’re worried about not having enough space.